CD-Rom videos by Martin Israelsen
PCP-Professional CD-ROM Video Flying - 8/95 Tape backup installation - 7/95 Flying - 8/95
Sådan installerer du et grabberkort
(How to install a videocapture-card).
PC-Professionel 2/95Shows how to install a videocapture card (and most other add-on cards) in your computer.
Sådan virker din PC
(This is how your PC works)
PC-Professionel 3/95Shows how to (dis)assemble the PC, and what the different components does. Features also the two danish comedians "Timm & Gordon" for the very first time on CD-ROM.
Sådan forbinder du din computer til stereoanlægget
(How to connected your PC to your stereo)
PC-Professionel 4/95Shows how to get better sound from your computer by connecting it to your stereo. Features also a review of the Danish Doom-competition.
Sådan forbinder du to computere
(How to connect two computers)
PC-Professionel 5/95Shows how to connect two computers for games or to transfer files using the serial port. Features also a review of the German "CeBit" exhibition.
EDB i forum
(Danish computer exhibition)
PC-professionel 6/95A review of the Danish "EDB i Forum" exhibition. Features also a video-letterbox and clips from upcoming movies.
Sådan installerer du en tapebackup
(How to install a tapebackup)
PC-Professionel 7/95Shows how to install a QIC-80 cartridge backup system in your computer. Features also the video-letterbox and how the CD-ROM videos are created.
Flyvning (*)
PC-Professionel 8/95What is real flying compared to a simulator program ?
This is how your PC works - 3/95 Timm & Gordon - 3/95 How to connect two PC's (for games) - 5/95 Timm & Gordon in "EDB i Forum" - 6/95

All CD-ROM videos are produced by Martin Israelsen and Bruno Brøsted, except (*) produced by Martin Israelsen and Jesper Eising.