Checking OY-BGN prior to flying Flying north of Copenhagen, Denmark Martin and Morten
These three pictures was taken by Bjarke Ørsted for my article in Berlingske Tidende about flying.
Rosenborg Slot (Castle), Denmark Kronborg Slot (Castle), Denmark Fredensborg Slot (Castle), Denmark
This is a picture of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. Taken by Bo Andersen. This is a picture of Hamlet's castle - Kronborg in Helsingør, approx. 50 Km north of Copenhagen. Taken by Bo. This is Fredensborg Slot in Hillerød. Taken by Bo.
Fueling the Piper Flying south of Copenhagen Christiansborg Slot, Denmark
Here I am, refueling the plane before takeoff. Picture taken by my dad Just south of Copenhagen, heading north Christiansborg. The Danish version of Capitol Hill