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Piper Warrior Overview

Piper Warrior Instrument Panel
Vertical line Just signed the sales agreement for my first airplane - November 29218.

Piper Warrior II N29218 from the side Piper Warrior II Instrument Panel Piper Warrior II Interior

She's a 160 HP Piper Warrior II from 1979. Painted in happy sun colors with the usual instruments and a yoke-mounted Garmin GPS. Got quite an interesting history as well, she was seized by the Drug Administration back in the 80's. Wonder what I'll find underneat the seats...

I really haven't got much to say about N29218 yet. Obviously I'm very excited. My friend Matt and I will fly it back from California starting Saturday morning.

The trip back to Hotlanta will be quite a trip. It's roughly 2000 miles (3200 Km), and we'll be visiting 8 states on the way back: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia. We would like to make the trip in 3 days max., so the little bird will be utilized heavily from the first day.

Wheels, Piper Warrior Piper Warrior II Interior Piper Warrior Door Entry

I'll post some pictures and stuff here once I get it back. Stay tuned.