Ohhhh yeah... The mighty blue sky. I've always promised myself that one day I wanted to go skydiving. I guess that the only thing that have been holding me back was the fact that Skydiving isn't cheap, and my few other recreational hobbies are expensive enough.

Well, well, if you got to do it, then do it. And so I did!

A bunch of colleges and I went out to Atlanta Skydiving Center one early Saturday morning (10am, but that's early enough) to experience the thrill of jumping out of airplanes.

Since this was the first time we all went for the tandem jump. A tandem jump is where a certified tandem master is strapped on to your back. The tandem master deploys the parachute, lands and everything else. So it's basically up to you to enjoy the 1 minute free fall from 13000 feet down to 6000 feet, and another 5 minutes of gliding... Oh what a rush.

Here is some pictures from my first tandem jump (the second jump was even better). Click on the pictures for full-size view

Preparing to jump

Looking out of the plane door just before jumping (my thoughts? I'm crazy!)

Jumping from airplane

No more discussion, here we go!.

Skydiving Skydiving Skydiving at 120 MPH

Approaching Earth with approximately 120 mph...

Skydiving - opening parachute Skydiving - opening parachute

...and after approx. 1 minute of free fall, the parachute got deployed. Good thing.

Landing field in sight

Landing field in sight!

About to land from skydiving out for that stick, please!

Safely back on the ground

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (what else can you say?)

The skydive team

The Blue Sky All-stars: Jody, Soren, Erika and myself.