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Flying across the US

Day 2 - From Ryan Airport (RYN), Arizona to Texarkana (TXK), Texas/Arkansas

We started at the crack of dawn Sunday morning from Tucson. I wanted to take advantage of the low temperature in the morning so we could get the maximum climb performance over the mountains and also lower the risk of turbulence due to wind and thermals. We had planned the morning leg to go from Tucson to El Paso to Carlsbad at 8500 feet. Due to the temperature and pressure, 8500 feet really equaled around 10000 feet, and I wasnít sure if we would be able to climb much more in the little Warrior. However, it turned out that we could pass the mountains at 8500 feet by flying a bit south of the intended route and so we did.

The airport guy at Carlsbad Intíl Airport, Fernando, was very helpful. We got the courtesy car and drove to downtown Carlsbad for lunch. For those of you who havenít been to Carlsbad: Itís very, very tiny. We had a hard time deciding between the 4 places that were open for lunch. Anyway, after a rough decision making process we finally got our lunch, drove back to the airport and took off for eastern Texas.

From maps and stuff I knew that Texas was big, but I had not expected it to be that humongous and virtually empty. Itís true. Apart from oilfields there is absolutely nothing in the western part of Texas. Once we got close to Dallas/Fort-Worth we finally started to see houses, cars and real people. After a short fuel stop we continued to Texarkana to get dinner and rest and to get 4 quarts of oil for N29218.

Iíve never been to Texarkana before, I never even heard about it before, but apparently I should have. Guess itís famous for some movie or something and for having two mayors. They also like postcards showing a man and a mule with the text ďMan standing in Texas with his ass in ArkansasĒ. Very funny I guess.

Clearing mountains east of Tucson, Arizona Flying over El Paso, Texas Mountain ridge, south of Carlsbad
Mountains east of Tucson, Arizona El Paso, Texas. Mountain ridge south of Carlsbad, we couldn't climb over, so we flew around instead. Here we are at 8500 feet
Carlsbad Airport Carlsbad Airport is huge! Downtown Carlsbad
First fuelstop in Carlsbad, there was plenty of room at the old airforce base Carlsbad is a very impressive airport Downtown Carlsbad is likewise very impressive
Matt (co-pilot) Pilot Martin Flying over oilfields, Texas
Me posing for a picture Matt posing for a picture Texas is absolutely HUGE. It took us some 4-5 hours to cross it. Most of the state is empty except for oilfields
Instrument Panel Piper Warrior N29218 Flying over east Texas Flying over east Texas
So this is what N29218 looks like inside In the eastern part of Texas we saw real house and real people Late afternoon picture of eastern Texas
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