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Day 3 - From Texarkana (TXK), Texas/Arkansas to McColumn (RYY), Georgia

It's 6:00am Monday morning. Weíre packing N29281 for the final 480 miles to Atlanta. I had actually hoped to be back in Atlanta by Sunday evening, but our delayed departure from San Diego due to low hanging clouds pushed our arrival by half a day. This morning it turned out that we could have slept another hour or so. Low ceilings and thunderstorm warnings kept us on the ground until the sunrise.

The kind and very, very patient weather briefer didnít recommend any flights due to precipitation, thunderstorms, restricted areas, dragons and tons of other bad stuff. "So VFR is not recommend on the direct route? What if I go north? No? So, what if I go south? Hmm.. Bad weather there as well, uh?" While we discussed various routes the weather over Texarkana cleared up and 20 minutes later we were on our way to Atlanta. Direct route.

It is quite fascinating to observe how the landscape changes from Texas to Georgia. From cactus and dust in Texas to an abundance of trees in Georgia. Oh well. We arrived in Atlanta just in time to send Matt to Hartsfield airport to catch a Delta flight to Chicago. Being the nice guy I am, I should have dropped him off at the airport myself. Thatíll be next time.

Early morinng at Texarkana Airport Sunrise departure Sunrise departure
Very early morning at Texarkana Airport. We pushed our departure to sunrise due to low ceiling and thunderstorm warning en route Sunrise
The Mississippi river Flying over somewhere Arkansas Approaching Golden Triangle Airport
The Mississippi river A little town somewhere in Arkansas Approaching Golden Triangle Airport for our last fuel stop
On Final, RWY 35, Golden Triangle Airport Flying over stadium Flying to Georgia
On final to rwy 35 Golden Triangle Airport Matt likes football. I think that he took 10 pictures of this stadium Welcome to Georgia. We have tons of trees and even more pollen
Entering downwind for McColumn (RYY) Unpacking 29218 29218 on ramp
Approaching McColumn airport, north of Atlanta. This is N29218's new home. You can tell she's excited One great benefit of flying; you ALWAYS arrive with ALL your luggage (all the luggage you can carry in the plane, anyway) Checking out the new friends
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