Turbo Pascal Tips & Tricks
This book is neither for newbees nor for specialists. Turbo Pascal Tips & Tricks is written for those who have passed the newbee stage, and needs background information before a new project is to begin. Turbo Pascal Tips & Tricks gives quick answers and examples on many of the interesting areas within advanced programming.

The first part of the book is designated to programmers, who know how to program, but needs more information about assembler coding, pointers and memory management. Furthermore, it gives a good knowledge about how Turbo Pascal compiles, and how this information can be used to develop better and quicker programs.

The second part gives practical examples on buffermanagement, virtual memory, datacompression, graphic algorithms, GIF-picture read/write, use of overlays, linking of object files and Borland Pascal 7.0 news, including protected mode programming and use of DLLs.

Turbo Pascal Tips & Tricks is focused on learning by doing, and the book has therefore many practical examples. Also, most of the examples is included on the free disc.


Turbo Pascal Tips & Tricks
by Martin Israelsen
publisher: Forlaget systime 1993
ISBN 87 7783 192 6
language: Danish
Tips and Tricks in Turbo Pascal Cover ISBN 87 7783 192 6

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