Danish Magazine articles by Martin Israelsen
Sådan virker din PC
(This is how your computer works)
PC-Professionel 1/94Describes how a computer works. Also featured on CD-ROM video.
Review: Creative Voice AssistPC-Professionel 3/94A review of Creative's Voice Assist
Sådan virker dit modem
(This is how your modem works)
PC-Professionel 4/94Describes how a modem works.
Den elektroniske bank
(The electronic bank)
PC-Professionel 4/94Reviews a home banking program and general homebanking security.
Se TV på din PC (*)
(Watch TV on your PC)
PC-Professionel 4/94Reviews TV-tuners for PC's.
Sådan bruger du dit modem
(How to use your modem)
PC-Professionel 2/95Describes how to connect and use a modem for Bulletin Boards/Homebanking and Internet.
5 forskellige grabberkort (*)
(5 different videocapture cards)
PC-Professionel 3/95Reviews 5 different videocapture cards.
Sådan virker kompression
(This is how compression works)
PC-Professionel 4/95Describes why it's possible to compress data, and how compression programs are used.
Review: Medi8torPC-Professionel 3/95Review of a Danish multimedia application - Medi8tor.
Tun Windows (1-4)
(Optimize Windows 1-4)
PC-Professionel 4/95 - 7/95Describes how to optimize Windows 3.11 for quicker program execution and minimum memory usage.
Internet - og hva' så
(Internet - and now what)
PC-Professionel 9/95What to do when you first connect to the Internet.
(Compression programs)
Komputer for alle 7/96Describes how to use compressions programs.
(3D programs)
Komputer for alle 8/96Describes how to create 3D pictures on your computer
(Picture editing)
Komputer for alle 11/96Describes how to edit pictures.
Installation af programmer
(Program installation)
Komputer for alle 5/97Describes different ways to install programs on your computer.
Computeren er dit kamera
(The computer is your camera)
Komputer for alle 6/97Describes the latest technologies using digital cameras.
Sådan tænker computeren
(This is how your computer "thinks")
Komputer for alle 7/97Explains how the computer executes a program.

All articles are written by Martin Israelsen
except (*) written by Martin Israelsen and Bruno Brøsted.

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