Danish newspaper articles by Martin Israelsen
Højt at flyve
(Learning to fly)
Berlingske Tidende 20/5-95Describes the the first lessons at the flight school, when taking a private pilot license.
Højt at flyve - 2
(Flying high - 2 )
Berlingske Tidende 29/7-95Follow up to the first article about taking a pilot license.
Sådan virker TeVefonen
(This is how TeVefonen works)
Berlingske Tidende 19/3-96Describes a Danish interactive text-tv system called TeVefonen.
Det elektroniske lydstudie
(The electronic soundstudio)
Berlingske Tidende 30/4-96Describes how to set up your own soundstudio on your PC.
(Review: Homebanking)
Berlingske Tidende 16/4-96Comparison test between different homebanking programs.
Virtual Reality - den næste dimension
(Virtual Reality - The next dimension)
Berlingske Tidende 16/4-96Virtual Reality - the future is on it's way.
(Review: Tax programs)
Berlingske Tidende 9/4-96Comparison of various tax programs.
Backer - Backup på din video
(Review: Backer)
Berlingske Tidende 5/4-96Reviews an add-on card that enables you to use your video for computer backup.
Digiziner - Fremtidens kulørte blad
(Digizines - The magazine of the future)
Berlingske Tidende 30/4-96Review of some Danish and American CD-ROM magazines.
Takt og tone på Internettet
(Internet etiquette)
Berlingske Tidende - 5/4-96Explains the etiquette for using the Internet, what to do and what not to do.

All articles are written by Martin Israelsen

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